The New Blog

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your support and encouragement over the last few years! In an effort to better serve you and to streamline my life over summer break, I’ll be moving the blog over to this weekend. Things should generally look the same, but you might notice a few slight changes:

  • Change #1: You need to sign up for emails again, but it’s easy and better

Starting this week, you can now sign up for either the Daily Post (which delivers the day’s blog post each day) or the Weekly Digest (which delivers the week’s posts each Friday). You can subscribe at, but you can also go right to the signup form:

Click here to sign up for the Daily Post.

Click here to sign up for the Weekly Digest.

  • Change #2: No more ads

I was never actually that clear on if you had to wade through ads on my blog before, but I’m pretty sure that now you don’t. How’s that for confidence?

  • Change #3: I’m looking for feedback

That’s not to say I wasn’t looking for feedback before, but I’m in blog-updating mode right now, and I’d love your input. Are there things I should do more often? Less often? Do you care when the email arrives?  I’m all ears.

So, without further ado, come check out the new blog (that looks strangely like the old blog) at!

Yours in Christ,



About Alex Kato

Born and raised in Seattle, my wife Annie and I first left town so I could attend Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts. We now live in New Jersey, where I am working on a PhD in homiletics (the study of preaching) at Princeton Theological Seminary. I love to converse, preach, read, write, and teach. Someday I hope to serve Jesus Christ's Church through both preaching and teaching preaching.
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