A curtain keeps the neighbors out
And keeps my sleeping darkness in
Or rather keeps the morning out
And keeps me, lonely, in
A curtain kept the west at bay
And comrades in in East Berlin
A curtain held the people back
And kept the ark from sin
But one man hated curtains
And said, “Let all men tear
My flesh,” when he was lifted up
The curtains fell, with him they tore


About Alex Kato

Born and raised in Seattle, my wife Annie and I first left town so I could attend Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts. We now live in New Jersey, where I am working on a PhD in homiletics (the study of preaching) at Princeton Theological Seminary. I love to converse, preach, read, write, and teach. Someday I hope to serve Jesus Christ's Church through both preaching and teaching preaching.
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