With nothing but a day to fill, I cycled to the shore
Alone, I ventured further than I’d ever gone before
The town still dead, I rose, embarked, not knowing what I’d find
Or whether there’d be anything worth leaving else behind
I, skidding, stopped at each fog field, to pin for show and tell
And having seen, I weighed return, pride sated, self-impressed
But stray rays piqued through the smoky swells
So on I spun, half-caught–half-not–by vernal interest
I gasped when round the bend I turned:
The sea, eclipsed by he in heaven perched!
My dreams now underfoot, I yearned
To, waking, touch the face too bright to search
As I returned I saw I’d judged it wrong:
The shroud burned off now crimson painted lawns
Was all my road so lively all along?
Is all so right, so lovely as this dawn?


About Alex Kato

Born and raised in Seattle, my wife Annie and I first left town so I could attend Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts. We now live in New Jersey, where I am working on a PhD in homiletics (the study of preaching) at Princeton Theological Seminary. I love to converse, preach, read, write, and teach. Someday I hope to serve Jesus Christ's Church through both preaching and teaching preaching.
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