A wispy dandelion seed aloft,
Two twirls, a dip, and rising up again,
Now tossed in tempest–at dawn laid down soft’
There placed by hands Divine. The same the rain
And currents writhing, tides, they smother coasts,
While lumb’ring waves of atoms trek
Across the blue. The deeps boast
In vain. Almighty moves them all. A speck
Afloat upon the pet, the sea’s wee flea.
And piloting the pest, a man alone.
The rudder snaps and suddenly he sees
The might of God far dwarfs what has been shown.
No good has come apart from Him and hence
We think in awe on His omnipotence.


About Alex Kato

Born and raised in Seattle, my wife Annie and I first left town so I could attend Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts. We now live in New Jersey, where I am working on a PhD in homiletics (the study of preaching) at Princeton Theological Seminary. I love to converse, preach, read, write, and teach. Someday I hope to serve Jesus Christ's Church through both preaching and teaching preaching.
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